Persevere through setbacks!; Broke, fix it!

15 May

Today’s Tip – Persevere through setbacks!; Broke, fix it! -

No money? Set a budget! Literally no money, make some money. How, you ask? If you are still lost on how to bring money in using your skill then there are other methods. A job for one would help. Of course, working to recoup money will never earn you wealth. Though, sometimes you just need a little cash-o-la to get you going. So, find a nice full time job.

What about trying to live out my dreams if I have no time working a full time job?

No problem. Set a budget to save enough money to live off of while focusing on your career. If you have the money saved to live safely for 6 months, or even a year (your choice) you’ll have all the time in the world. Save a good chunk of money, while spending as little as possible on unneeded things. This way you’ll have the money to sustain your life while making your dreams come true. Figure out what you need to live without a job. Earn that, then go!

I have way too many bills?

If you can, get a consolidation loan. By consolidating your bills you can pay a smaller total while cleaning up your bills. This also goes on you, work hard to spend what is needed, not what you wants. Also, look into what you have been doing to acquire those bills. See what is needed and what has been for your comfort. It is time to take your life into your own hands and make things happen. So, sacrifice is a necessity.

Remember, this is your life and what you dream for you must reach for to get it. Anything is possible with action!
Deadly Nights (Band)

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