The Plan : What to do while I save

12 Mar

• The Plan : What to do while I save

Once you have figured out your foundation goal number to save for security then you must understand your needs to ensure a strong foundation period. During this time you must utilize your limited freedom to help build your networking circles while growing your brand value. Success comes from your 3 Needs of Success: Network, Market, and Practice. Building and cultivating relationships is all about who you know. Your brand value is important for people to remember who you are and what you do thus it creates a sense of who knows you. Once you have realized your personal value and time you will be involved in the 3 Needs of Success. During your time saving up a strong security to enforce your foundation take a time to master the art of Networking, Marketing and Practicing.

A few rules on how Networking can work for you during this time: Start going out to events when you have time. Learn about people, reach out to people and continue to interact with them over the course of your foundation growth. It is important to maintain a connection with individuals because it will give you a much larger head start when you officially leave your foundation growth and jump into your first year of success. Listen and respond to those around you, in your field of interest, and others surrounding the life you wish to be involved in. This is the time to get out there so you can be remembered, and earn friendships. A simple rule of thumb to remember about Networking: It is never about you. It is always about them.

Marketing is easier as a habit. During this time you want to grow your social network and awareness to your brand. While growing your numbers on social networks you must also maintain a continuous path to your main website. Having a site is a perfect way to get people to know where to find you with ease. I have been asked about “But I have nothing to sell, what would I need to do this for now?” You do have something to sell: Your Brand. It is an indicator of who and what you stand for. Anything you would traditionally sell is considered a By-Product. That comes later. Also, while building your social sites it is important to interact with those connected with you. Always conversational, never sell to them. Allow Marketing and Networking to work as a team through Practicing how to master it all.

PS… Can you find the monkey?

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2 responses to “The Plan : What to do while I save

  1. KatrinaPerkins

    March 16, 2014 at 18:45

    That monkey was too easy to see peeking. Is it a little bit every day, or multiple hours one day each week, that is best? Consistency can be my biggest obstacle. A plan to tackle this successfully with steadfast resolution is as yet to be devised.

    Natures Perk,
    Katrina e. Perkins

    • BBR Productions Inc,

      March 18, 2014 at 02:33

      We want people to get use to finding the monkey so as you learn more and more the monkey on your back becomes harder to find!

      As for time management, that will be in a future blog. You can also go back through this blog and see some of our tips on Time Management now.

      A quick rule of thumb to Time Management, less is more. Doing something a little is better than nothing at all. It is easy to get caught up in the “I will tackle this on this date all day!”. Spread yourself out so you can handle multiple actions or times of rest when needed. Your best bet is to give yourself 30 minutes for any particular action you want to specifically finish or get started. A little is always a lot when completing many tasks!

      Good luck!


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