Size has nothing to do with it;

Today’s Tip – I’ve heard over the years that size matters. That the bigger your name the more people will want you. Well, this is only slightly true. The real reason people want you is because of your motion. Your motion forward. Keep pushing until you can’t push anymore. Just because you have a big name, or your name is out there doesn’t mean you can just lay there like a dead fish. People won’t enjoy or remember you. Keep in the spot-light and remain desirable.

Lets take a moment to break that paragraph down shall we? < Evil Grin };-) >

Size has nothing to do with it, regardless of male or female entertainer. People will tell you it does but if you make yourself available someone will jump at the chance to jump on you… and all you have to offer them.

Granted that the bigger your name is, the more known you happen to be, the further afield your reputation for excellence in your passion is… the more likely they will be to work with you.

Slightly true, indeed. If you happen to be a carrier of certain, shall we say sickness’s, illness’s perhaps disease, from all of the partners you have been with then maybe they will look elsewhere… so be up front and honest in your dealings and no one will question your value to them because of a bad attitude with others.

The real reason people will want to be with you is because of your constant motion, even in what could be considered “compromising positions.” No matter what or who has you down, you always rise to the occasion and finish the job you start with panache and a huge BANG!, at the end for a more impactful consummation of your relations. Keep at it until the job is done and everyone is satisfied… This way your reputation is intact, and in demand.

Remember just because your big and have a reputation doesn’t mean you can’t do more. No one wants to have even a short term relationship with someone who is know as a starfish, just lying around waiting for someone else to take the lead, and even when they are participating its obvious they would rather be anywhere else than with you. Starfish are boring they just lie there barely moving just a head two arms and two legs doing nothing… No one remembers a Starfish boring isn’t helpful.

Keeping yourself in the spotlight is the key. Be all you can to as many as you can, Walk the streets if you need to someone is always willing to pay for a great service. Remember to market yourself, dress appropriately to the job at hand, be punctual and intimately involved with your clients…

remember success comes with repetition… and for gods sake have some fun with the subject matter.. maybe some role-playing 🙂



About BBR Productions Inc,

Our mission is to bring reality to your dreams by being an affordable all inclusive production company for every type of venture and those who wish to find success in their possibilities. In 1996 BBR Productions Inc., began which was strictly an illustration company working with local illustrators and comic book company’s. In 1997 BBR Productions Inc., expanded adding audio recordings, graphic and web design, photography and mass marketing. BBR Productions Inc., first major client was TENEbRAE although other bands were signed on to the company roster for marketing and graphic design layouts. During 2000 BBR Productions Inc., began setting up small local shows and organizing large musical events featuring national acts throughout the Tri-state area. Working with musical acts, comedians and actors BBR Productions Inc., expanded yet again to more of an all inclusive entertainment company. In 2007 Began doing more with direct consultation, helping others create opportunities as well as managing more acts. 2008 marked the 1st annual Laughter is the cure show, helping raise money for foundations such as "Multiple Sclerosis Foundation" and various "Cancer Foundations". Soon to be on its 5th year. In 2013 BBR Productions Inc., opened its offices on Long Island NY allowing space to do in house seminars helping others realize their dreams with the help of people who have already been there. On October 3rd, BBR Productions Inc., will open their second office in Holbrook growing from 1,000 square feet to 3,800 square feet.
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