Keep your ego in check, its all that seperates you from the jerks!

Today’s Tip – Don’t forget as you ride up the mountain to success you will surely find yourself falling down the mountain one day again. The more friends you have, and the less people dislike you the more chances you are going to have with people catching you on your way down to help you back up.

Inflated Ego? Better keep it in check or someone might just have to take a pin to it. What goes around comes around and being an egotistical maniac only works in you’re successful. Getting to be successful with that huge ego is going to be difficult at best. So I would check that at the curb with the rest of the baggage you don’t need. No one likes the guy who thinks he is better than everyone around him. Just being a legend in your own mind doesn’t mean anything to the people around you and being humble won’t ever hurt you. At best you can suffer delusions of adequacy and call it a win.

You need friends to be successful. You have to be likeable. No one likes the guy who acts like he would use other peoples sleeves to wipe his own mouth. So be a nice person, it’s the better road to take. I mean think about it. How many people do you know that have an inflated opinion of themselves who you would want to spend more than five minutes in a room with. I know zero! This isn’t to say you shouldn’t be confident in your abilities, but other people better have some tangible evidence that you really are all that and a bag of chips, or else they are likely to avoid you.

For example, I know this guy who brags on how great he is at what he does, and yet… he is one bad week away from living on the street in a cast-off refrigerator box. The guy has never been more than a boil on the backside of life. He thinks that he is the most amazing thing anyone has ever seen though. He really needs to see a doctor and have some more shock therapy applied before a mosquito or something comes along and pops his head. I can see it now he flies around the alley where he resides like a balloon that been let go of. That could be his claim to fame, might even make the news.

My point being, be confident but don’t be a braggart, no one like them, not even their mothers.



About BBR Productions Inc,

Our mission is to bring reality to your dreams by being an affordable all inclusive production company for every type of venture and those who wish to find success in their possibilities. In 1996 BBR Productions Inc., began which was strictly an illustration company working with local illustrators and comic book company’s. In 1997 BBR Productions Inc., expanded adding audio recordings, graphic and web design, photography and mass marketing. BBR Productions Inc., first major client was TENEbRAE although other bands were signed on to the company roster for marketing and graphic design layouts. During 2000 BBR Productions Inc., began setting up small local shows and organizing large musical events featuring national acts throughout the Tri-state area. Working with musical acts, comedians and actors BBR Productions Inc., expanded yet again to more of an all inclusive entertainment company. In 2007 Began doing more with direct consultation, helping others create opportunities as well as managing more acts. 2008 marked the 1st annual Laughter is the cure show, helping raise money for foundations such as "Multiple Sclerosis Foundation" and various "Cancer Foundations". Soon to be on its 5th year. In 2013 BBR Productions Inc., opened its offices on Long Island NY allowing space to do in house seminars helping others realize their dreams with the help of people who have already been there. On October 3rd, BBR Productions Inc., will open their second office in Holbrook growing from 1,000 square feet to 3,800 square feet.
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