S.M.A.R.T .Goals!; Actionable A!

Today’s Tip – S.M.A.R.T .Goals!; Actionable A! –

Wow almost halfway through this week and already we are on the letter “A” for actionable. I know I’m excited as well. So why not get right to it. If you are just joining us today you have missed

“Specific,” and “Measurable.” So you should go back to blog posts and catch up with the class.

So what do we mean by actionable? Simple put something that you can take action upon. Things that you can effect and change to help you. You need to be able to do something about the goal you have chosen and then set up steps to reach them it. Steps are useful and necessary to the entire process. They help you have a sense of achievement and also tie in to measurable to help you hit the goal. Small steps are fine even baby steps are still steps and there is nothing wrong with it. Step one of our original goal to “Join XYZ Gym in Springfield by the 3rd of January and sign up to go three days per week.” some of the steps could look like this.

Step 1: Find out how much it is
Step 2: Put aside the funds to do this
Step 3: Call “XYZ” and find out what you need to bring when joining.
Step 4: Go To Gym on Jan 2nd and sign up.
Step 5: Go to the Gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Easy right? You could do all of that in one day. It may seem entirely foolish and when you get comfortable structuring your goals this way you wont need that extra crutch any longer and your steps will be larger and perhaps further spaced out but for now it helps to build good habits. You may want more steps after five and that would be great, for a while but at some point your goal will change into something else life “Lose X pounds per month through healthy eating and attending the gym.” This goal builds off the prior one to help you get closer to that big dream you had originally which was. “Get in Shape!” See what happens. Your goals evolve as you progress on the path.

So that’s it for “Actionable”, next up is “Realistic” helping you to set real goals that you can achieve through step by step actions that are specific.





About BBR Productions Inc,

Our mission is to bring reality to your dreams by being an affordable all inclusive production company for every type of venture and those who wish to find success in their possibilities. In 1996 BBR Productions Inc., began which was strictly an illustration company working with local illustrators and comic book company’s. In 1997 BBR Productions Inc., expanded adding audio recordings, graphic and web design, photography and mass marketing. BBR Productions Inc., first major client was TENEbRAE although other bands were signed on to the company roster for marketing and graphic design layouts. During 2000 BBR Productions Inc., began setting up small local shows and organizing large musical events featuring national acts throughout the Tri-state area. Working with musical acts, comedians and actors BBR Productions Inc., expanded yet again to more of an all inclusive entertainment company. In 2007 Began doing more with direct consultation, helping others create opportunities as well as managing more acts. 2008 marked the 1st annual Laughter is the cure show, helping raise money for foundations such as "Multiple Sclerosis Foundation" and various "Cancer Foundations". Soon to be on its 5th year. In 2013 BBR Productions Inc., opened its offices on Long Island NY allowing space to do in house seminars helping others realize their dreams with the help of people who have already been there. On October 3rd, BBR Productions Inc., will open their second office in Holbrook growing from 1,000 square feet to 3,800 square feet.
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