Comedy is a sign of the times?; Guest Blogger: Steven Lolli

Today’s Tip – Comedy is a sign of the times?; Guest Blogger: Steven Lolli (Comedian / Actor / Writer)

I am writing this shit on New Year’s Day which means I have slept the entire day because I was up until the wee hours of the morning. I want to tell you something about comedy because that is my trade. You can take what I say with a grain of salt because I am not the most successful comedian. Although I am funnier than most. That is not saying much considering how unfunny American stand-up comedy has become. Which brings me to the bigger question: Why are comedians these days such shit? I do not have a definitive answer to this question either. But there are clues. And I will say some out loud that you will not.

The biggest clue is TV. Everything related to comedy on it is steaming shit. The goddam comics are pussies. Seemingly imitating garbage from the 90’s that wasn’t that funny even when it was actually happening. In fact, let’s just get this straight: The only thing that that happened in the 90s that was truly great was Michael Jordan (and even that began in the 80’s). In the 90s every family had an extra TV or two which made it seem as if more people were watching predictable garbage. Personally, I only know 2 or 3 people who actually watched the show Friends and they are all assholes. There were twice as many movie theaters which made it look like more people were interested in that stupid Jim Carrey crap. When I say Carrey i mean ALL OF THEM- from Carrey to Ferrel to Jack Black to Sandler to Farley to Steve Harvey and all the Martin Lawrence clowns to Jamie Kennedy to Chris Tucker to the cast of American Pie and Seth Green and Tom Green and Kramer and George and the fucking dad from Malcom in the middle. Then in the 90s we printed the fuck out of money, so everyone felt like they had more. The 90s, actually, was like one giant fake-ass 1940s. And Hollywood was with it! Then you had the ivy league invasion. I don’t know who told the Harvard and Yale Improv club that they should be creating humor for the masses but the rich decided to make big investments in other people who already had all of the resources and none of the talent. And so we got a decade with Conan O’Briens and adult cartoon pretentious hipsters and now straight men dress like homosexuals to attract totally humorless women who think real people with opinions cannot be funny, only mean. Controversy can only be funny in the flesh if it is done accidentally by somebody pretending to be dumb.

Well, the 90’s are over. Amazingly, the comics seem to still be trying to live there. Begging to showcase in the clubs which have to give away tickets anyway because fewer and fewer people will pay to see the shit they are selling. They, too, living in the 90s- think a good comedian is somehow related to TV. The poor damn comics just want to get seen so they can eventually host a reality show or book a Budweiser commercial. There is a catch though. It’s 2012. Nobody is watching TV. Wonder why?

(BIO) Steven Lolli, born in Chicago Ill, began doing stand up comedy in 1996 in Florida. He is probably best known for his collaboration with Katt Williams (2007-2009) and appearing in Katt Williams: 9 Lives (2010). Lolli has never made an appearance on television and has never been a regular at any comedy club save Mixed Nuts Comedy Club in South Los Angeles which closed in 2008. Lolli earned reputation of being the only Jew in the Black comedy underground of Los Angeles since 2002. His current DVD is titled A Thinker Who Loves Pussy (2011) and is a collection of shows from those underground venues.



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