SUCCESSFUL HABITS | Habits Of Successful People In Life & The Entertainment Industry

You want more than anything to be successful in entertainment. In this blog I’ll go over important habits of successful people in life. As I teach you how to become successful in entertainment while showing you how your personal Triangle of Life will work to bring reality to your dreams!

We here at BBR Productions define success as making a living within your field of interest. A living is not a lifestyle. A living is within a budgeted overhead that affords you an opportunity to sustain life. Your lifestyle will increase as your safety net and foundation increase. In our hopes of succeeding there will be variables to that end goal. What will remain the same are the tools and responsibilities.

I have organized those tools and responsibilities into the 3 Needs of Success: Networking, marketing, and practicing. Each of these affect a different area of your career as you work toward success. There will be five sides all together, but this particular side is dedicated to the process. Maintaining growth in that process will come later in this series. Know the value of relationships, brand, and self to create opportunity.

Keep in mind the process to success, longevity, and your purpose all have variables. Take what I teach you in this video, and the following series, with a sense of intrigue. Take notes, then do your do diligence; research, research, research. We love breaking down a complicated process and simplifying it. This gives us a chance to show you what we learned from other successful entertainers and their triangle of life!

What relationships in your life helped you the most? Let me know in the comments below!

To reach success it takes dedication toward building relationships, awareness for your brand, and practicing strengths and/or weaknesses. To simplify the reality of these three needs take note to the process of how we define them. Networking is who you know. Marketing is who knows you. And practicing is knowing yourself. Combined, these needs work well together to help relationships come together.

Networking will lead to a strong circle of influence. The value of yourself within that circle is defined by your marketing. To allow others to connect emotionally to your brand. Practice gives you a chance to play the game when called up. You want to know others within your field, be known in that field, and have a basic knowledge of it. These elements increase your overall value.

Networking is a really drab word. Most of my clients are scared of the term. They feel it takes away that personal connection to people. Remember, networking is just a word of responsibility. No matter your goals in life, you must network. How you do it is up to you. That’s the variable. But you must network. At its core, networking is building and cultivating relationships to establish a valuable circle of influence.

As stated, networking is who you know. This responsibility will all fall under your control. That control is in how often you go out and meet new people, follow up with others, and even introduce others to the right person to help them specifically. That’s right, go out of your way to help others with zero reward coming back to you. Build relationships by adding individuals to your life. Cultivate them with helpful selflessness.

Your relationships are not the responsibility of others. They can do it wrong but you cannot. You want to succeed, you put in the effort. That effort revolves around how well you maintaining a presence in people’s lives. You make those calls. You follow up. You help others. You introduce them to the right people. But, you must also do right by you. Do this by knowing your valued worth when setting boundaries for yourself.

Marketing broke down into its elements represent awareness, interest, and sales. That is all marketing 101 is. You’re always working to bring awareness to your brand. The more awareness you have the stronger their urge is to buy into your brand’s message. The stronger that brand message is the more interest people will have. Its strength is based on truthful consistency through action.

BBR Productions defines marketing as designing a brand to build awareness which creates interest that ultimately generates sales so people buy into your brand’s message. This is why you want to have a firm grip on who you are. Knowing who you are will make it easier to present that message to your audience consistently. There is little to no thought that goes into telling the truth. 

Your brand needs to be fully developed in a way that speaks that greatest truth. Not necessarily all your truths. You can, and should, maintain privacy. To a certain extent there must be things you want to keep close to the heart. A brand is for the public to absorb. It is not about being fully transparent to taking away your personal life. Know your boundaries and stick to them.

A brand’s foundation is it’s voice, image, and the conversation of your audience. Voice is a short or long list of all your ideals, desires, missions in life, interests, and even your moral barometer. A brand’s image is simply how you present your voice. Either through physical representation or what you say. Like all great stories; show, don’t tell. The conversation of your audience is how they are responding to that message.

Networking and marketing are tools that need practice for the best possible results. But practicing is more than learning tools to succeed. Go beyond your craft by studying your field of interest on a business level. This will give you an advantage over others. Knowing the ins and outs of your field is valuable tool to have in any situation.

Become the greatest actor or comedian through classes is a small part of what practicing entails. You could spend a lifetime mastering your craft by never do your job correctly to build a career. Because what you do (your craft) is not your job. Your job rewards you financially to do what you do passionately. Spend time diversifying between what you do (your craft) and your job’s responsibilities to grow your career (business).

We list practice under one of your 3 needs of success because it is the foundation to bettering yourself. Learn your strengths and weakness. Increase their worth by knowing what you should work on or have at your fingertips. Your strengths and weakness give you that extra bit of push to determine what you can bring to any given situation. Think about what values you have to physically or mentally get involved.

Practice gives us a chance to learn where we need to step up. Failure will lead us to understand the work we must put in. But overall you set the tone for what your mind absorbs. If you focus only on your craft than you’ll be an amazing performer, creator. If you spread out your skills into both the business aspect of your career and your art than you will find yourself able to prosper into a beautiful career.

Success is the easy part. Thus a person’s fifteen minutes to fame. Learning to leap opportunities from success to longevity takes effort and time. Take advantage of your financial foundation affording you the freedom to focus on your three needs of success. Dedicate your first year to truly network, market, and practice so you can increase your chances to succeed. 

More importantly, your three needs of success are about relationships. Since you are not working a survival job to pay your bills, thank you financial foundation, you can get involved with others within your field of interest. Volunteer your time even with people starting out. Help others get their dreams going and they will return the favor. Your success is not based on you, it is based on the people around you.

The three needs of success are about relationships. Again, networking is about who YOU know. Marketing is about who knows YOU. And practicing is all about knowing YOUR strengths and weaknesses. Success evolves by building all three of those relationship groups. Think of relationships in this way; circle of influence, building emotional brand relationships, and increasing the knowledge of your field.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently” ~ Warren Buffett 

Who you surround yourself with becomes the world you live in. The relationships you put time into could take away or add value to your life. Manage that time by knowing your own value when finding people who are equal or greater than that value. Think of your circle as a place of knowledge. If you are the smartest person in the room than you are in the wrong room. Always be learning through others.

What you learn now will elevate your career in the future. It is okay to be someone that doesn’t know. As long as you are willing to learn. We are not all experts when we first begin our journey. It takes time and effort to learn what we hopefully will master. Be comfortable taking responsibility for your mistakes, failures, and ability to admit when you are wrong. After that, fix what you must.

When you identify your strengths and weakness you are doing more good than bad. Strengths are there to help you bring value to situations. Weaknesses give you a chance to know when to ask for help. When to step back and allow others to lead. Where you cannot do, you can trust in others. Your job is not to be the best at everything. Your job is to be a strong part of a greater team effort in life.

Where you end up in that circle of influence is completely up to you. You must provide leadership while being able to take direction. Where you can lift others up into opportunity directly represents your personal value. It is not always about you getting ahead. Because one rises you all rise. If your team is filled with selfless equal minded individuals you are working in a symbiotic fashion to all succeed.

Why relationship building will always be such a strong part of brand building is the final results. How your relationships are cultivate say a great deal about your brand. Behavior and the people around you are your truth in action. Accomplishing “artistic ventures” like a film, song, comedy, book, or even a screenplay, is nothing compared to action. Always be aware of what you say, do, and who you do it with. 

How people remember you becomes their emotional truth when referring you. Everything about the 3 needs of success come down to relationships. How you see others to build and cultivate those relationships. How they see you when by leaving a strong impression on them. Even how you see yourself in a positive light. A light bright enough to be able to improve yourself when and where you can.

Success. Making a living within your field of interest. The dream of dreams we all desire as entertainers. My whole youth was dedicated to that dream. But I pursued it with an artist mentality. Created music all the time. Set up shows all the time. I believed what we were creating was going to sell it self. “If you build it, they will come.” But that’s not true. Building something to an audience of zero leads to nothing in return. 

To create success one must be proactive in building relationships. Relationships to surround yourself with influential people. Relationships to be remembered for what you stand for. And that relationship with yourself to work on your strengths and weaknesses. Put time into building these relationships up. Get involved to be seen, be present. Know what you stand for to be remembered. Be good at what you do.

Success comes with opportunity. Those within our field of interest could lead to opportunities when we get involved with them. The greater your brand value emotionally entwined in how people in your field remember you could lead to opportunities. If we are always improving ourselves to add value to any given situation than we are opening doors to a valued desire of involvement for potential new opportunities.

If you’re new and got this far, please subscribe for future content. What you learned today is only as useful as what you do with it tomorrow. Research, research, research. I absolutely appreciate any and all the supporting love for this blog. Have questions? Let me know in the comments below! As always I’m Thomas J. Bellezza and remember your success is best with a team. So work together, grow together and rise together to bring reality to your dreams. 

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