I’m going to show you how to get more YouTube subscribers in 2020 to grow your channel! In this playlist series we’ll show you how to build those numbers while watching our channel go from zero to a million subscribers. Let’s bring reality to your dreams! All great video content creators have their methods. We broke down their process for you. In turn we simplified all we found out. This gives our team a chance to show you what we have learned from other YouTubers and then put it into action. As we grow, we want to see you grow along with us. Thus our “Zero to a Million Subscribers” series. [001 A How To Get More Subscribers In 2020 – Zero To A Million Subscribers with Thomas J. Bellezza]

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Networking ♦ Postcards

07 05 17 M

• Networking ♦ Postcards

Postcards are almost a dying art form. There is a nice personal touch to handwriting a postcard out then mailing it physically to your intended recipient. From the color of ink chosen to the style of penmanship a person’s brand is being presented naturally. Receiving anything in the mail that was handmade is always going to brighten up a person’s day. Gifts are gifts if they are presented correctly.

These 3 tips will make any postcard have a better chance of standing out more.

• Postcards are not about you. They are designed for them. Think of the 3 Paragraph Structure we talked about in other blogs. But, only use 1 sentence per paragraph instead of 3 to 4. Make the first one about them and their successes. The second line is about you and your wants. And finally them and their future. Depending if you are introducing yourself, following up with them, or a holiday wish, this would change.

EXAMPLE : (This is a follow up for an actor who recently had an audition for the movie “Batman Begins” in front of Lucinda Syson Casting Director.)

Great job on casting Batman Begins this summer with Christopher Nolan. I truly appreciated the time you gave me and any direction, making it a relaxing audition. All the world of success next year working on Syriana!

There is a lot going on in those three sentence and we will cover the breakdown in a future blog for you to see how important each word and sentence is.

• Keep it simple. Let the front be your headshot, or an image which represents your brand fully. Less copy (verbiage) the better. Stick with a name (don’t worry about what you do; I.E “actor”), a slogan if you have it, and your website. This means it is not a massive AD being sent to a recipient, but a nice postcard for them. If you have a brand logo, I would place that on the back with a faded opacity so you can still write over it too.

• Stick to the 3 day rule for follow ups. Introductions should be sent during their slow times. And if it is a holiday it is best to send it a week before the actually holiday. As it is likely they will be gone the week of, or after. And, you want them to have a nice send off into their holiday vacation. Also, if you know them personally in any capacity and are aware of anniversaries, you should send a postcard a week before as well.

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Time Management ♦ Be On Time

06 26 17 M

• Time Management ♦ Be On Time

The first area of control is time. Once you have a hold on time you can ensure tasks are accomplished before deadlines. Having a practiced understanding of time management leads to greater chances of opportunities. Time management is a tool to help better prepare for meetings to come in ready to listen and respond to your best ability. Most of all, be on time as best you can, well, to a point.

• There is being on time and there is fashionably late. Being directly on time is the old saying that you are late. If you are early, you are on time. What is the rule? The situation is based on the value of the approach. There is never any harm in showing up late to be ready at any given time to walk in. Show up early enough where you can get food or walk around. If it is your first time to this location, early gives you time to find it first.

• “Be On Time” is also a tool about having control over your time. If you focus on what needs to get completed then you are not focused on time. Time controls us when we allow tasks to take the lead. Limit yourself to certain box times such as a limit of 20, 30, 40, or even 60 minute blocks. When the time is up move on to another task. Things control us and take away the power of a schedule. Reclaim that power with an alarm.

• Know your hours of time. What are you willing to put into a career day or work? Know your minimums and limits. Stick to them and create habits to better develop structure. Though you should technically always be working and embracing career opportunities when and where they come up, you should remember it is a job and you need self time to recharge. Overworking and exhaust your strength to work 100% toward success.

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3 Needs of Success ♦

06 24 17 M

• 3 Needs of Success ♦ Network, Market, and Practice

Success can be different for everyone. To be on the same page, we at BBR Productions believe success is earning an income while completely immersed within your field of interest. Success is not longevity and is only the foundation in opening doors. Once inside you must utilize the 3 Needs of Longevity to maintain growth and career stability. For now here is the 3 Needs of Success; Network, Market and Practice.

• Networking is defined by the skill to build and cultivate relationships within your ever growing circle of influence. Focusing on that age old theory of “It’s who you know” to help open doors. As this is true, it is not the be all end all of success. It is one third of your job in securing a successful opportunity to begin a career. Learn the value of the people around you. Focusing on friends, family, and associates.

• Marketing happens the moment you understand your brand. For the formula to market anything is first knowing your purpose. Your overall message to help people connect to their interest of you. Once this is accomplished it all comes down to designing a brand to help build awareness to create interest and ultimately generate sales to allow people to buy into your brand’s message. This is “Who knows you” in the game of success!

• Practice, practice, practice. The artist brain understands this method most clearly of all the needs. They have be taught to focus on “becoming so good they can’t ignore you“. The issue is it will take 10 to 15 years to be discovered. Instead, be proactive by practicing how your business works through networking, marketing and of course utilizing the 3 Needs of Longevity. “Know thyself” so you can play the game when called up to bat.

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Marketing ♦ Building A Fan Base

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• Marketing – Building a fan base

Building a fan base is an age old desire. Entertainers, business, even inventors are without sales if there is no fan base. A group of people desiring a part of their brand’s message. These loyal fans will buy and support every venture they can afford. There are even times they cannot truly afford it but they love that sports team so much! So how does one build their fan base? Below are 3 inventive ways to ensure the growth of fans.

• What is your why? Why do you do what you do? Fans attach themselves to a message. If they believe in that brand’s message, or values, they will embrace the future of that brand. They are not interested in you, they are interested in what you are representing. Take one of your favorite brands or celebrities. Why do you pay to be a part of their lives? Study your favorite things, and not the results, but the process of why you care.

• Figure out your brand. A brand is made up of your voice and image. The voice is what you stand for. Your overly way you present your message verbally. What are the things you believe in speaking about? A voice is based on your values and what you want to push in your growing celebrity. At BBR Productions we believe in working together. Our universal message is represented in our actions, words, and physical imagery / style.

• Interact as much as possible. Connecting with a fan grows their connection with you. The more you respond with their efforts it will then encourage an interest in you. This is easily accomplished in our day with the internet. Utilize social media as an outlet to interact directly with fans. Always respond to comments, shares, and messages. Within reason of course, and appropriateness on their end too. Let them know you hear them.

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Networking with Fans… ‘Friends’

11 10 15 Networking 01
• BBR Productions Inc : Networking with Fans… ‘Friends’

The word ‘Fan’ is actually short for ‘Fanatic’, but they are more than fanatics, they are friends. They can be friends of the ‘Brand’. They want to be friends with the Brand. They paid to see, touch, listen, and be in the experience of said Brand. Friends, or rather, guests, of a Brand want to connect on any level with the history, present and future of where it is all going.

Connecting on a more personal level begins with interaction. If at an event, the Brand’s event or another Brand’s event, be approachable. That attitude gives the friendship an opportunity to connect in a more personal way. If possible, have an item, or merchandise, to give them. This is so they leave with something to remember the meeting with.

(Always make free an options in a Brand’s early stages / charge when that Brand earns the right to sell)

Networking is all about building and cultivating relationships, this is included within the following group of people; Friends, Family, Associates, and the audience of said Brand. Making fans feel like friends is extremely important to earning their trust in what you do. Keeping it friendly builds that networking circle as well as a bond with them. Your success is not how great you are, but how well you connect with your audience.

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Money Management – 5 Helpful Tips for Money Management

BBR Money Management 05• BBR Productions Inc : Money Management – 5 Helpful Tips for Money Management

Money managed properly leads to a growth in wealth. Spending less than you save is the number one rule in wealth growth. Rule number two is organizing it and managing how it flows within your system. Learn to spend money on essentials and organize income over expense for later control.

These five tips on Money Management will help anyone develop wealth.

1) Download a Budgeting APP into the phone. As money is spent or earned, keep recorded directly and instantly into the APP. This habit building activity will make any individual aware of money in and out and keep them under CAP of that budget.

2) Know your monthly average overhead to survive each month. What it cost you to live is the starting point for control over wealth growth. Once you know what it cost to live each month you can then multiple that number by 6 months and that is your minimum need for a Safety-Net.

3) Any money over your Safety-net can now be organized into your 3 Needs of Purpose; Security, Growth, and Dream accounts. Security is last minute money that can be touched when you are broke. Growth is allocated money for investments. And Dream is for those big things you want, like a vacation, or a nice new guitar!

4) To determine how much money can go into your 3 Needs of Purpose use the rule “60/40 Split”. Any money over your 6 month overhead is split 60/40 and then the 60% is divided evenly into your 3 Needs. (Example: if you have $100 dollars over your overhead, then $60 can go into your 3 Needs evenly and the other $40 you can use for whatever you want. You earned it! I normally place it right back into my Safety-net.

5) Research future investments while you are saving up your 3 Needs of Purpose. Learn the system and how money works. Don’t wait till you have the money. Learn while saving. Build your tools to become aware of investment opportunities and learn the difference between a liability and an asset.

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