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In this blog I’m going to show you how to setup your YouTube studio… Let’s show you how are studio is set up so we can grow together while you watch our channel go from zero to a million subscribers! Let’s bring reality to your dreams!

Your set up says a lot about your brand. The style you film is all part of the process. The quality of your equipment can grow as your channel grows. But, know you can begin with a simple set up. What you use can change the style of your shots to the value of what people hear. We knew we had to film videos and needed specific things to get going. Even with other channels using top notch equipment we knew it came down to what we needed and not how much it cost.

Not every YouTube content creator is Steven Spielberg nor do they have to be. You’ll discover your style of filming these videos as you grow. What you do need to be aware of is what equipment you have now, what equipment you’ll need to get started, and what kind of equipment could you evolve to. The good news is not everyone who starts a channel has anything more than a phone camera and MAYBE a small ring light. Focus on you and what you have in your control.

All great video content creators have their preferred studio setup. We broke down their process for you. In turn we learned to implement their studio ideas into our own. We love simplifying all we found out. This gives our team a chance to show you what we have learned from other YouTubers and then put it into action. As we grow, we want to see you grow along with us. Thus our “Zero to a Million Subscribers” series. Here’s How to setup your YouTube studio!

Do you have a set up now you like? Where are you having the most problems with your set up? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll be happy to give some advice where I can!

A video without a camera is just audio. And let’s be honest, just listening to my lovely voice isn’t enough to keep anyone entertained. A camera is essential to shooting a video. At minimum you want people to see you. What kind of camera you use is up to you and your budget. At any given time you can find a majority of YouTube videos are filmed with a standard cell phone. Do you want to film with a cell phone forever? No, but it is a good starting tool.

A cell phone camera has a quality mic. As long as you’re not filming outside it’s a great choice. You can easily get a fantastic vibe with the cell phone camera and its microphone. Remember, not having a $1,500 Canon should not stop you from filming. Get your cell phone and set it up. If you want a high quality camera research prices to set future purchase goals. Money earning channels afford you the right to reinvest into your brand so you can then purchase better equipment.

If you want to use something better than your cell phone mic, you can look into a zoom recorder. They have different brands. Each with a value all to itself. They range from about a hundred dollars to way over three hundred. Work within your budget always. Do the research to see if it is worth it for your needs. Of course we did some extra foot work for you. Below you’ll find a few affiliate links leading to some beginner to advance zooms for you.

If you have a Canon or other higher quality camera you can look into shotgun mics for more directional audio. A good solid shotgun mic will enhance the sound quality ten fold. Some of those are listened below as well. If ever there were two things that make a video watchable is sound first then the actual video. Sound makes it bearable. Even the worst video will be watched if the sound quality is at minimum, good.

A steady tripod will help keep the shot still. Holding the camera is fine for vlogging, but even then you want a stabilizer. There are affordable 3 axis stabilizer Gimbals for home use. Some ranging in the low hundred to high hundreds range. If you want to have a stationary shot or move it around, your goal is to keep it steady. A steady shot helps audiences focus on what you are doing within frame. Occasionally a shaky shot adds to the video’s narrative, but not for long term effect.

If you choose to film in or outside you want strong lighting. If your choice is inside you’ll need equipment. Unless you’re able to film near a large open window for sunlight. Sun will always be the best. Though you might want to control the mood. And this is where lighting set ups come into play. There are several ways you can light your set, but in the end, seeing you clearly is helpful. If you want me to do a video on lighting sets, let me know in the comments below.

That’s it for this blog. I’m still Thomas J. Bellezza and knowledge without action is wasted. Please like, comment, and share this blog along with subscribing for future content. Have questions? Let me know in the comments below! As always, your success is best with a team. So work together, grow together and rise together to bring reality to your dreams.

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